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Daily Inspiration

  • In his latest series Monumental Nobodies, Australian artist Matthew Quick paints images of famous sculptures, but adds a mischievous modern twist to the classic statues by integrating modern gadgetry and pop culture references into the picture. The idea of the series hit him as he pondered over history’s tendency to destroy art for ideological reasons: the destruction of buildings, burning of books, and the pulling down of statues. His paintings of statues, then, are vandalised in a unique way — he draws them listening to iPods, wearing rubber gloves, or surrounded by CCTV cameras. “From the people who build monuments in the first place, to those who destroy them… there is a thread running through all: the universal connection is about

  • Multidisciplinary artist Luke Pomotowski always avoided photography, wondering why is photography should matter to anyone. Thankfully he realised that photography is a personal journey, and started taking images of is travels and hometown. In his series Warsaw at Night, he captures the unique nocturnal vibe of his city. From long-exposures to beautiful bokeh, his atmospheric images show that no detail is too small to ignore. More of his work here, and follow him on Instagram.

  • Mainly known for “I fought the law”, a rebellion against the absurdity of a number of American laws, Olivia Locher is a talented young American Photographer. Her art is imbued with her sarcastic sense of humour, and the series “How To” is no exception. With “How To”, Olivia Locher uses grotesque imagery to present surprising tutorials.

  • The striking series When Fashion is Losing its Sense of Self by Roos van de Kieft examines the value of clothes and self-identity in a world where social media allows to build versions of ourselves. With her model wearing fabric printed a picture of her own flesh and skin, the photographer and visual artist celebrates the originality and uniqueness of every single person’s identity. See more on her website and Instagram.

  • Originally from New-York, photographer and music producer Neil Kryszak resides today on the other side of the United States, in Los Angeles. The colors of his new state have inspired several photographs, including the series entitled Chromatic Experiments.

  • Munich is even more beautiful by the winter. Once she is covered with snow, that night comes more and more earlier and that only the city’s floor lamps are shining. That beauty, the photographer Skander Khlif tells it through a series of photographs that reflects softness, mystery and quietude.

  • Vlad Tretiak is a young Russian photographer and artist bases in Kemerovo in Siberia. He started his series of illustrations called Motherland’s Cars in 2015 in which he is documenting soviet cars. Those cars are such a big part of the Russian landscape that people don’t even notice that they are slowly vanishing from the streets.

  • Colour Theory is a daring and sensual photographic project of Connor Singh which explores the female silhouette subtly illuminated by colour gradients. The light embraces the curves to create an electric and almost erotic composition.

  • Street artist Tom Bob uses New York City as a playground for his amusing street art. By using the urban space, he creates wonderful characters which blend perfectly in the city. A crocodile out of the sewage, a tribute to Ringo Starr or suspended monkeys, Tom Bob’s universe is pop and playful. Thanks to his imagination, the urban furniture of New York transform into genuine sculptures.

  • Russian photographer Elena Iv-skaya is back with a new exotic photography series full of colors. Jardin Fluo immerses us in a pop and amazonian universe where colors are vibrant and fluorescent. Once again, the work of Elena is permeated with a strong and elegant visual aestheticism. It was also the case in her series called Dreamer Pool.

  • The artist Jack Dally has just produced a series of colorful illustrations entitled Essential Living. This series features many characters in action in the the English capital. Based in Glasgow, the illustrator used to make series related to the news, as revealed in his Behance account.

  • Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Niyi Okeowo is a multidisciplinary artist who expresses himself through photography as well as graphic design. For this series entitled “Structures”, the artist took inspiration from modern architecture in order to explore interactions between light and colors. The result is digital compositions whose geometric shapes are enhanced by the lighting effects.